About us


"For us, cycling has been culture and passion for more than 50 years."

TORTORASPORT is a shop selling bicycles, mountain bikes, racing bicycles, spare parts and accessories.

Present on the market for more than 15 years, it offers a wide assortment of bicycles of all types, carbon bicycle accessories, bicycle tires, sporting goods, bicycle anti-theft device, cycling clothing, accessories, children's bicycles, racing bicycles on the road, pedal-assisted bicycles, customized bicycles, folding bicycles, women's bicycles, bmx bicycles, bicycle bottles, used bicycles, wheels, helmets, bike shoes, electronic computers, travel bike accessories, forks, braking systems, food supplements for athletes etc. The staff will advise you best to choose, configure the bike and customize it.

We offer service for athletes of correct positioning by bike, through the use of scientific instruments. The well-equipped workshop disassembles and reassembles bikes and performs repairs and assistance on the same day on bikes of all brands.

It supplies rental bikes and test bikes and is the exclusive dealer of the brands: BIANCHI, ARMONY and many others.